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God’s Nostril

I’m following the lead of my pal paddymac.wordpress.com. He’s been writing some wacky stuff and it’s got me inspired.

Sometimes I like to listen to Christian talk radio. It’s hard not to down here in the south since it’s really the only alternative to the more secular kind of conservative gab. Today, one of the preacher guys was talking about “odors that are pleasing to God’s nostril”. That got me to contemplating God’s other body parts (no, not THOSE parts!). I mean, if we’re all created in God’s image and we all look so different, then what DOES God look like??

There are American Christians, Asians, Italians, Africans, etc. Surely, we do not all look alike despite our occasional comments otherwise. Does an Asian person think God looks Asian? Was Jesus a black guy? Or if Jesus was God’s right hand (or was he just seated there? I get confused), does God have an arm that has a little dude in a robe and sandals attached to the end? Or does it really look like a hand and when God sent Jesus down he thought we might take him more seriously if he looked like us?

As for the nostril, I’m finding that just thinking about it is grossing me out a little. Considering its probable size, we could all just be floating around in God’s nose, tickling the heck out of it and one of these days a gigantor sneeze is going to send us all into the next gallaxy. I’m glad he’s good at holding them back or we’d have been outta here long ago. Of course, they say you shouldn’t hold sneezes back. It can blow out your eardrums. Now there’s another icky thought–God’s eardrums! Imagine the wax in THOSE babies!

But really, sometimes when I listen to these religious nutjobs who seem to have it all figured out, I sit there and imagine God just chuckling and picking his nose just to shake us up a little. Seriously! Who do these people think they are that they somehow have this chosen pathway to the divine? If they all seem to be walking different roads, how do we know which one is right?

I don’t want to seem blasphemous. Oh hell, yes I do! There’s nothing that strikes me as blasphemy so much as pomposity in the name of God. If not humility, then what does God want from us?

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