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Marie Osmond Passes Out

So did you hear about how our “little bit country” girl swooned and crashed on “Dancing With The Stars” this week? I have this information only as a bit of news and not from first hand viewing experience because I refuse to take part in this contest junk that’s on TV lately.

“Oh crap!”, darling Marie was heard to exclaim as she was helped to her feet after her brief spell. “This happens sometimes when I exert myself.” No lasting damage but it made me wonder in what other ways someone like MO might overexert. The obvious one would be trying to brush all 96 of her teeth in one session. She must have to stop and take breaks so she won’t fall over and bonk her pretty dentes on the faucet. Porcelain crowns aren’t usually fashioned in such a direct manner. I don’t dare imagine what other activities inspire our girl to crap out because there may be tawdry areas of her life that aren’t meant for public speculation.

I’ll bet the richest man in the world is the Osmond family dentist. Then again, they probably keep their teeth so squeaky clean that there isn’t much work for Dr. Toothy to do. I wonder if Donnie passes out when he brushes his teeth? Probably not, if he wears his technicolor dreamcoat while he’s doing it. I think the colors are vibrant enough that he remains conscious long enough to rinse and spit. Maybe if I brushed my teeth long enough to pass out I wouldn’t have so many fillings. I sure wish Marie had passed out a long time ago–I might have better teeth now.

But back to the dancing issue. I heard that there was an audible thud onstage. I don’t know if she was actually dancing at the time or if she was merely waiting in the wings hyperventilating at the thought of her upcoming performance. It’s been a while since she was on national TV this way. I have to admit that I did used to watch the Donnie & Marie Show when I was young–might have been the only channel we got at the time–and I kinda miss their image of goodness. That’s not the world we live in today and anybody who tries to is automatically labeled a holy roller, a wimp, a loser. So we try to fit in with the world as it gets increasingly crass, only to find ourselves feeling ashamed. Makes it hard to breathe.

Do you think Marie passed out because she was ashamed?

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  1. NanZ
    October 24, 2007 at 7:03 pm

    Marie is NOT ashamed. The Osmonds are of proud toothed people!

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