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It raining!

Can you believe it??? Here in predictable, sunny Florida, we’re having a gray rainy day! This almost never happens and I’m happy as Gene Kelly–though not being the dancer he was, I am not taking quite the same sort of advantage of the puddles, but my soggy flip flops feel comfortable as LL Bean Wicked Good Slippers on a cold winter day in New England. Even the dogs went out and frolicked, left some nice soupy poop on the neighbor’s lawns, and all feels right in the world again…

I never realized how much I enjoyed talking about the weather until I moved to Florida. In New England that was ALL we ever talked about because it changed all the time. Thank goodness I have dogs because there would never be anything to talk to anybody about otherwise. They say there are 2 kinds of weather here: Hot, and Not Hot. Today is one of those Not Hot days when I can leave the sliding glass door open without worrying about running up the air conditioning bill. My bare feet are tinged with a slight chill, almost enough to think about putting on some socks. Have I become a wuss down here? Possibly. I have definitely found an ideal temperature zone, somewhere between 75 and 85 with about 35% humidity. But that never happens here except maybe in November and March. The rest of the time it’s either Hot or Not Hot.

My dog killed a baby snake out here on the lanai for me this morning. It wasn’t that I really wanted him to, but now that the little slitherer is gone I am somewhat relieved. I saw a HUGE one in the road the other day–crap! Even the Doberman I was walking was intimidated. I don’t mind snakes as long as they’re behind glass–or bars, depending on the type of snake, literal or metaphorical. Sometimes at night I like to go skinny-dipping in the pool and lately I am in the habit of turning on the pool light first and checking for snakes. Though there has never been one in there, I have this paranoia that the one time I don’t check there will be one. Oh well, a water moccasin is not quite the same thing as a Wicked Good Slipper, but I’m sure the relative level of comfort as the poison overwhelms me would have the same effect for a few seconds. Of course, with the WGS, you get to walk away afterwards.

Why do they call those snakes moccasins anyway? I’ll have to look it up.

So as I sit here listening to the rain on the pool and imagining that the sound is like that of freezing rain falling on the frozen ground in New England, I will try to put thoughts of winter out of my mind, forget the seductive pull of the fluffy white stuff and try to remember that it’s F-IN’ COLD UP THERE!!!!

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