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The Ghost of Elvis

Okay, I just saw the best Halloween decoration ever. It was a ghost (a balloon with a sheet over it) with a rubber Elvis mask over it. Thank you for getting creative, people!

Living in one of these cookie cutter neighborhoods in Florida, I sometimes get the sense that I’m living in one of those miniature models like the one in Beetlejuice. I’m even superstitious enough to think that if I say that name 3 times, he might just show up. Come to think of it, one of my neighbors bears a striking resemblance…. Some days I imagine that I’ll look up and see a giant hand reaching down out of the sky, coming to move me and my digs elsewhere, uproot me and set me down in an unfamiliar place.

I suppose that’s sort of what’s happening lately with all of the natural disasters that have been taking place around the world. It’s as if God is reaching his big ole hand down (the one that looks like Jesus) and rearranging us like so much living room furniture. The latest change is happening in southern California where wild fires have burnt hundreds of thousands of acres and all that inhabited them. A quarter of a million people were displaced as the flames raged through their neighborhoods, incinerating their homes in mere minutes. I heard that the flames were so hot in some places that they would cause objects a hundred yards away to spontaneously combust. Nothing and no one was safe, as the 10 people who perished would attest if they could. A miraculous few, if you think about it.

Of course, there is also Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans that after 2 years is still struggling to rebuild. Thousands of people have relocated to other areas around the country having to start from scratch. Many of those who have stayed have still not gotten reestablished.

We humans are compulsive gamblers. It seems the more we lose, the more convinced we are that if we try “just one more time”, we’ll pull in the big one. We build closer to the coast, drive faster cars, decide to stop smoking–tomorrow… We gamble and then get all mad when we lose. Our health care system is a shambles because we can’t quite accept the responsibility of taking care of ourselves. Ask Tony Soprano about gambling… “Don’t get in the game–you don’t wanna lose…”

We’re addicts, and ironically, not always in purely negative directions. There are those who become addicted to “positive” pursuits–exercise, religion–that in their own excesses also become detrimental. Moderation isn’t cool. It’s boring. We’re not fascinated by moderation the way we are by excess. We are gluttons for our doom, as the Indigo Girls song says…

Not happy enough thoughts for a Friday? Well, since Halloween is coming up, which in itself is not a happy holiday, I figured I’d just dig up some rotten thoughts in honor of event.

Happy Haunting!

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