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Yippee, It’s November!!!

Having lived well north of the Mason-Dixon line for all but the last 5 years of my life, I never thought I’d hear myself singing the praises of this formerly gray month. Though November in New England is unspeakably beautiful in its own way with the changing of the light and how it filters through the bare trees, it is that time in the life of the year that mirrors the time in our own lives when we start to see the beginning of our end. Our bodies start to break and though we haven’t acquired anything immediately life-threatening, each passing day brings us closer to it. Damn depressing, ain’t it?

But here in Florida, the change in temperature is like finding out you’ve received a special reprieve from spending eternity in hell! It’s kind of like the same thing as seeing that first crocus up north. Even though you may get another 3-foot snowstorm, the crocus is proof that spring really is on its way and that a new ice age hasn’t actually begun. It’s weird getting used to this flipping of the seasons but I’m starting to. This morning the temps were probably in the low 50s, which to my increasingly thin blood felt like 20 in Vermont. But it was energizing and invigorating and the dog was able to run 3 cul-de-sacs with me on the bike. No more getting up before dawn to take them for a walk because anytime later will melt us like butter. No more mowing the lawn after dark (no more mowing the lawn 3 times a week either!).

So come on down, all my friends, and take advantage of our insanely gorgeous weather. The pool’s a little chilly, though no colder than the ocean off Cape Cod in the middle of July. Golf is spectacular, and the snowbirds haven’t all gotten here yet.

November is a way cool, if not cold, month…….

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