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Canine Transgenderism

I just updated the header on my blog with a picture of my dog, Jack. Yup, Jack, or Jacky as we tend to call him, is a boy Weimaraner. He’s skinny, sort of pinkish-colored depending on the light (the inside of his ears is like a pale pink rose). He’s delicate, prances when he walks, always keeps his back legs together when he runs. If it weren’t for that little teenie weinie of his, I’d swear he was a girl.  And then there’s Murphy.



Murphy is actually my girl dog, though as a big, tough-looking black lab/golden retriever mix, most people assume she’s a boy. I’ve never heard the name Murphy as a first name for a man, but people think she’s male anyway. Actually, she was named after Murphy Brown of TV fame. Murphy Brown was a tough female character and we wanted our dog to have a similar persona.

My brother has postulated that all dogs are male and all cats are female — and this from a doctor — a pediatrician, no less! (Thank goodness he’s not a vet…) He says it’s just easier to think of them that way and I guess he has a point. But maybe it should be divided into: Big dogs are boys, little dogs are girls. I have a terrible time acknowledging that a little white poodle dog can possibly be male, but of course if some weren’t, there wouldn’t be any more little white poodle dogs. And how is this a bad thing? Seriously folks, some of my favorite dogs are little white poodle dogs but there’s just something inherently wrong with the whole concept. 

But back to the original premise.  Unless we’ve acquired a dog of exceptional breeding quality (HA!), most dogs lose their reproductive capabilities fairly early on. We emasculate/defeminize all of them so that there are not more of them running around. Why, then, do we assign them a gender at all? Jack pees like a girl, somtimes taking so long to do so that he has to go down on his knees to rest, requiring as much time as the stereotypical woman in the bathroom, and Murphy does a 3-legged power squat that somehow resembles a girl trying to pee standing up at a toilet.  

Why is all this noteworthy? It’s not, but I find the concept amusing so I thought I’d expound on it. Sorry for wasting your valuable time…. murphjack.jpg

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