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You CAN Go Home Again….

I went home yesterday. West Virginia, mountain mama…. Oh no, wait… that wasn’t my home — it only seemed like it. We used to make fun of our neighborhood in Vermont, saying that it reminded us of W. Virginia (not that any of us had ever really been there to compare — it just seems that every time someone discusses rundown, decrepit places, they always cite WV).

 img_5947.jpg   img_5948.jpg   img_5946.jpg

Our road was rutted, our ground water probably poisened by the rust of rotting vehicles that littered the woods around us. Thank goodness we were up pretty high. Our next door neighbor did us the great favor of putting up a six-foot high fence between our properties. Sadly, a 20-foot fence wouldn’t have been high enough, but at least it created a theoretical barrier. This way, we didn’t have to look at the golf cart with the Harley engine sitting there mocking us with its rumble. I didn’t think there was another neighborhood like ours anywhere else, but I found one yesterday not far from my house. In fact, were it not for the big wall that separates us, I might actually live in that neighborhood! 

I live in a deed-restricted community now where THERE ARE RULES, PEOPLE!, but I have come to appreciate and sort of miss the random beauty of disarray. Here, we are not allowed to have anything out of place. We once got in trouble for having a wheelbarrow leaning up against the side of the house. In an effort to not get yelled at again, I parked the wheelbarrow full of lawn trimmings out by the curb on trash day and the next morning the wheelbarrow was gone. It was a family heirloom, so I got in trouble AGAIN! I guess I’m just as glad to have it gone — it was nothing but trouble. I’ll bet if I looked hard enough at the yards on some of these back roads, I’d probably see the darn thing… 

I have always been fascinated by roads that seem to go nowhere. I’ve been known to go exploring in my Honda CRX, whose clearance was about 4 inches from the ground, learning to navigate great crags in the road by balancing on the ridges between them. 

1991hondacrx1.jpg          1991hondacrx2.jpg

 (What my car looked like, and what it thought it looked like)

Today, there are vehicles far more appropriate to the task, but like caged dogs, they are often kept cooped up or driven only on sedate roads where their frustration is palpable. They crawl up on my bumper and rev their engines in a menacing way. To them I say, go find yourself a good back road! Let me tell you where one is! 

What I’ve come to appreciate about some of these “unkempt” places is the level of visual interest they possess. We tend to look at some of these places as unsightly, yet if you look at them long enough and close enough — at least until someone comes out with a shotgun and chases you off — you’ll see some pretty interesting things, not to mention some nifty creatures that have made these relics their homes — including the residents that don’t have shotguns…. 

So get out there and explore, people! There’s some great stuff to be seen, even in your own back yard! 



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