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Bipolar Bears

I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while and just came across a funny entry at:


But I was actually thinking somewhat seriously about the idea. I have several people close to me who suffer from bipolar disease, more of them every day it seems, so I was wondering about the correlation of the melting of the polar ice cap due to global warming and the increased incidence of bipolar disease among the human population. Is the increase in ocean temperature having an effect on the mental health of the planet as a whole? 

Years ago, I remember Caroline Myss talking about our planet as a macro example of the health of human beings when the AIDS crisis was emerging, comparing the related afflictions to the ways that the earth was being sickened. The rivers (our bloodstreams) are being clogged with junk that we put into them, our air (lungs) polluted with the smoke and other crap we ingest, even the ways our countries interact as having gender-identity (America, and her phallic east coast — lucky me, I am now a resident of that little phallus, Florida — who for so long fought “Mother” Russia). My apologies to Caroline for my sloppy interpretation of her idea, but I hope you get the idea. 

I know I’m not thinking any new thoughts here. I am merely trying to balance the sense of panic some people feel with the lack of urgency others seem to have about climate change. Is the world going to come to an end soon or, like has happened over millenia, will it simply adapt to the new circumstances? Is it possible to go backwards, really? What if changes are already in place that, if we were to alter our course now, would cause even greater damage?

Have you ever noticed that often when someone has lived much of their life in a certain way, perhaps abusing food or substances, etc., they try to change all that at age 60 and drop dead at 61? I’m sure that’s probably the exeption but I’ve seen it enough times that I have to question the wisdom of making such a drastic change to an organism for which the abusive behavior has become normal. Granted, when we’re talking about the planet and the fact that it’s only been in the past couple hundred years that we’ve done the greatest damage, it’s hardly a life-long condition. So is it not too late to undo the damage? Has anything changed so much that it can’t be reversed? 

Whether I agree with all of the panicky people or not, I am still astounded at the naysayers who refuse to even try, as though it’s shameful to want to do something positive for the world. What’s THAT about? Were they brought up in households with domineering mothers? Oh wait, those are the BI polar bears… Did they not eat enough vegetables growing up so they have an appropriate appreciation for them? Are they just BIG MEANIES???

If bears could talk, I’m sure they’d give us an earful. In the meantime, most people will just go blissfully along ignoring the problem (until gas prices REALLY get too high). But I’ll tell you, if I see a bipolar bear go floating by on an ice chunk in the Gulf, I’m gonna hope that he’s been taking his meds!!!

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