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Doggie “Good Humor” Truck

My black lab, Murphy, is in love with the UPS guy.

She can hear him from a mile away in his big rumbling truck. She stands at the front door and waits anxiously. Since I don’t have her sense of hearing I simply assume that she needs to go out.

She gets me every time.

Her 12-year-old legs kick into high gear as the big brown truck starts down the street and she risks her life by dashing right in front of it to get to the driver’s side. Good thing he knows her by now. I watch from a distance as the driver tosses a Milk-Bone out the door.

If the UPS guy had any entrepreneurial sense, he’d start a little something on the side, selling doggie biscuits all along his route.

But you know unions…. I’m sure Teamsters would frown on his spirit of free enterprise… or at least insist on a piece of the action….

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  1. October 28, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    I think Murphy is less in love with the UPS guy than what comes flying out of it. Mine is the same way, but it’s UPS, Fedex and the meter reader. It would be nice if they’d make them do a trick for it. Instead it’s chase the truck, get a treat. What a great way to teach a dog to chase vehicles, huh? Gee, I sound a little cranky today. Maybe I shouldn’t comment on any more blogs.

  2. Ted Kinson
    November 30, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    I love reading your blog and have so since I found it, after we lost our friend Doug to the motorcycle crash. I often go back to the passages in here when I need to laugh, reflect or just generally pass some time. I appreciate this one, in that I drove for both Airborne Express and DHL when I needed to break free from my EMS career at Golden Cross Ambulance after too many years of service. I kept my handy box of dog treats with me and found that many “guardians of the household” who were dutifully defending their homes with a warning bark and growl, were just new friends in disguise after rewarding their service with the tasty milkbone biscuit. I had a great following of these four legged friends who greeted my arrival sometimes daily. I miss that portion of the job after moving on to another career. Thanks for the memories.

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