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Speechless About Amendment 2, and Prop 8, and Prop 107

I wasn’t going to write anything until I had something nice to say… but that might be a very long time.

I’m mad. I didn’t think I’d be so mad, but I am.

The issue of marriage never really mattered to me. I never had illusions of a white dress and my daddy walking me down the aisle.

But today, in the aftermath of the passage of amendments to the Constitutions of 3 states that ban same-sex marriage and in California actually rescind the right, I’m furious.

I’ve gotten caught up in reading various information about the bans and have even dabbled in watching videos of people who oppose same-sex marriage. Anyone who is on the fence about this issue need only watch a few of those to find out how absurd the argument is.

At times, I am able to see the bright spots, to connect with my own sense of God, but then my thoughts lead me back to the injustice of telling an entire group of people that their love is dangerous, not good enough, unholy.

The worst part is that it has robbed me of the good feelings I’d had about the change in the White House. I know that a new day is coming and enlightenment will wash across the land — though it might more resemble God flooding the planet and washing away all the crap that has accumulated of late.

On Friday, I received my copy of “A Cup of Comfort for Military Families” with my dad’s story about forgiveness in it and on this Veterans Day I am doing my best to honor those who have served us so well, even as the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy remains in effect and some of those who would proudly lay down their lives for their country are still not allowed to do so openly. It’s bittersweet.

Things will return to normal soon enough, but I will never be the same…. maybe that’s a good thing?

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