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“A Cup of Comfort for Military Families” — Now available

cofc-military-familiesA collection of stories written by military personnel or their families has been compiled to create a beautiful book about the incredible journey of military families as they make the ultimate sacrifice of offering their lives in service to our country.

A story I wrote about my father’s experience in WWII is part of this book. It is a powerful recounting of an event that changed him profoundly and set him on his life’s journey.

Please look for this book in your local bookstore and share it with all those who are waiting courageously for their soldiers to come home.

And if you are one of those who has been patiently waited for, thank you from all of us who have benefitted from your sacrifice. Your courage will never be forgotten….

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  1. January 21, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    I’ll look for it next time I’m in the bookstore. I can’t go there too often. It’s like a crack den for me.

    Two of my uncles served in WW2… one in Europe, one in the Phillipines. The one in Europe landed on the beach in Normandy just a couple of days after the big battle. They didn’t want to talk about their experiences much, other than the places they went. I think it was too painful for them to recount. I wish they could have talked about it. They have both died now, and they’re stories are gone with them.

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