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Paul McCartney is getting married AGAIN???

bs3All right, I said I wasn’t going to talk about the marriage equality thing any more, BUT CIRCUMSTANCES ARE DRIVING ME TO IT!!!

Is this marriage #3 for Paul? I’ve lost count. It was bad enough when he divorced a woman with a peg-leg, but now he’s going to marry someone he dated while he was still married to #2! She’s from a trucking family with ties to the mafia. I guess Paul’s feeling invincible — especially after coming back from the dead (see “Abbey Road” — The Beatles).

Okay, so my conservative Christian readers (ya got me–there aren’t any) like to tell me that marriage is about children, about creating a stable atmosphere for the rearing of their young. To that I say:


When is it going to become illegal to get divorced??? (For reasons other than abuse, etc.) Marriage is not a toy! Heck, I think maybe we should go back to arranged marriages because an awful lot of us suck at picking our own mates. 

At very least there should be a statute of limitations on how many times a person should be allowed to marry. These folks who go plowing through half a dozen spouses out to be put in jail. They’re a danger to society. 

I think Paul’s current choice reflects his intent to stop wife-hopping. If he ever thinks about leaving her, I’m sure her daddy will be happy to make all those old Beatle rumors come true…..

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  1. January 28, 2009 at 1:12 am

    I think we should all get one “Get Out of Jail Free” card, ideally used before children enter the picture, but everyone should be a heck of a lot smarter after that first mistake. Being a celebrity with a gazillion dollars has got to make spousal selection much more difficult, ie. do they love me or my fame and money. This would be Paul’s third marriage, but his first wife, Linda, died, and since he didn’t kill her, we can’t blame him for that. I’m not sure what happened with #2. Let’s hope he learned something.

  2. Cheryl
    January 28, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    In Paul’s defense, I’d say it’s safe to believe that he & Linda had true love. I think most of us would be willing to admit (at least to ourselves) that loneliness can lead to poor judgment (we’ll call that “Heather”). So, I think up until now Paul has one strike against him for poor judgment. You’d think his PTSD from his divorce would slow him down from doing it all over again!
    (I do realize the point of your blog was NOT about the cutest Beatle)

  3. January 29, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    Forgive me, for it is not my intent to besmirch Sir Paul’s good name. Indeed, I had forgotten that first wife, Lady Linda, died of breast cancer in 1998.

    As remarriages go, Paul took a respectful amount of time before marrying Heather in 2002. Of course, the fact that she wasn’t born until the Beatles were nearly broken up means that she was considerably younger than he.

    So my real issue is marriage in general; if it’s not available to everybody, then those who enjoy the privilege should have to honor it better. And there should definitely have to be a waiting period before marriage. At least one year of courtship.

    Maybe there needs to be a rule that the mates have to have been born within a decade of each other so that there is no suspicion of gold-digging or cradle-robbing.

    Do I sound old-fashioned? Maybe I am. Maybe I think we should have to work through our problems instead of ditching just because we’re bored or we’ve changed our minds or we’ve met someone we like better. Uh-uh…. marriage is a CONTRACT.

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