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Dog “Breedism”

kidding1“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all DOGS are created equal.”

Though I’ve been known to spout off about some political subject from time to time, I try not to make this blog about politics. But every once in a while a something comes up that so baffles me, I have to explore it. (* with a little tip o’ the ol’ stovepipe to Abe on Presidents Day! *)

img_4304About a year ago, we joined a Weimaraner “Meetup” group when Wacky Jacky wandered into our lives.  At the time he showed up, neither Mama N nor I had ever in our wildest nightmares imagined owning a Weim but very soon after he arrived, we fell in love with him. So we joined this group to find out what we were getting ourselves into and soon found out that his wackiness is inherent in the breed.

Each month we meet at a different public dog park to let the dogs (and their people) socialize and compare crazy stories. On occasion we gather to travel 3 hours to help out at the always-full-to-capacity Florida Weimaraner rescue facility. 


Last week, the group’s founder and facilitator contacted us all via email saying that someone had requested to join the group but she does not own a Weimaraner — instead, she owns a Vizsla, a very vizsla21close relation, but it’s NOT a Weimaraner. Vizsla’s are from Hungary and Weims are from Germany — BIG difference… (plus Vizsla’s are red and Weims are gray)

Most members gave an abbreviated version of this reply:

The Weimaraner Meetup Group is intended for the use of people owned by Weim, by people who just love them and those wanting to support Weimaraner Rescue.” 

“The above sentence from our web page clearly indicates that you do not need to own a Weimaraner to be a member. If you deny membership to this person because they do not own a Weim, do you also deny membership to someone who loves Weim but does not own one or is thinking about getting one? Do we also have to say that those members like myself who owns three Weims and one other breed, that we can’t bring our other breed dogs to meet up events? I’m sorry, but Boo, Rudy, and Lilly just wouldn’t understand why Kayla wasn’t with us. You all know how Weim are, change the routine. throw then in a tizzy. This is a social group, lets concentrate on that and look for reasons a person can join, not why they can’t. 
As for a Pug joining the group, my son owns a pug. My Weim love him. However, I think most Pugs would run for the hills when confronted with even one Weim overzealous affection.”

Only one member replied in opposition:

“I don’t like being the bad GUY but are we a Weim Club or a kennel club? If we allow a Viszla what is next a pug, poodle, German Shepard or any breed from Germany. I love all dogs but I joined this club because it’s focus is on the Weimaraner. Anyone can join us at the meet-ups but to be a club member they should own a Weim. If you allow a non-Weim owner to join it opens the club to anyone legally! “

Now we are engaged in a great civil war over whether or not we should allow other breeds to join our group. From what I could see, according to Compare K9   (http://www.comparecanines.com/dogs), the Vizsla is a better dog. When compared against each other, here are the differences:

  • Tolerant of other animals: Vizsla – YES — Weimaraner – NO
  • Tolerant of strangers: Vizsla – YES — Weimaraner – NO
  • Tolerant of young children: Vizsla – YES — Weimaraner – NO

As for health issues, the Vizsla wins again: Weimaraners are subject to bloat and cancer. Vizslas are not. So really, the Vizsla is a better dog overall.

When taken to a vote, the membership was overwhelmingly in favor of allowing the Vizsla owner to join, with only one or two dissenters. So what happened? 


I couldn’t believe it. Is this really the 21st century???

Over the past several months I’ve been following the various marriage amendments around the country and reading some amazingly erudite discussions between high school and college kids on Facebook. Most of the time when the argument opposes the idea of marriage between anyone but one man and one woman, the point is made that the Constitution protects “the rights of a minority from the tyranny of the majority” by not allowing popular vote to determine our rights.

So here we have a tyranny of the minority trumping the say of the majority and I find myself on the losing side. The executive branch is making the final decision despite having no support from any of the other branches.


Will the sanctity of the Weimaraner breed somehow be cheapened by allowing other breeds to experience the same rights and privileges? Will a little supervised socializing with dogs who are different make them less of a Weim? Won’t learning to tolerate dogs who are different them help them to become better dogs — perhaps like Vizslas?

Bottom line: The DOGS don’t care who is in the group! They don’t know one breed’s butt from another and they really couldn’t be bothered.

We must protect the rights of all dogs to spend time with different breeds so they will grow to learn about and accept what makes each of them special in the world and ensure:

…That this nation, under Dog, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the doggies, by the doggies, for the doggies, shall not perish from the earth.

  1. Cheryl
    February 17, 2009 at 2:19 am

    Speaking of “other breeds,” the darling Olde Englishe Bulldogge was in heat this weekend, so my sister offered to being her Australian Shepherd stud over…. Can you IMAGINE them puppies????? Ew….

  2. February 17, 2009 at 3:35 am

    I’ll have to try Photoshop-ing that image!

  3. February 18, 2009 at 2:02 am

    This would make a good Seinfeld episode, but doesn’t make for good reality. I didn’t know breedism existed… another thing to sadden me. My dog has never met another dog he didn’t like… well maybe one, but she was a bitch, literally and figuratively.

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