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Be Still and Know — It’s only the sprinklers…

kidding32 a.m. and someone keeps running by and banging on the windows. Mid-dream, the sound becomes part of my  REM-sleep soundtrack…. maybe that’s where the band R.E.M. got their name…. maybe R.E.M. is running by the windows, and Bill Berry  is banging on them with his drumsticks… “I think I thought I heard you tapping on my window” goes the song in my head…. Michael Stipe starts poking me, “Hey, hey, wake up! I thought that I heard you laughing…” Rat-a-tat-a-tat goes the drum beat on the window…. 

WHEW! Weird stuff! I don’t think I like these new watering restrictions that require us to water our thirsty, water-hog of a lawn between 12 and 4 a.m. Not to mention that the lawn guru from Brooker Creek Preserve told us that our sprinkler system totally sucks. We end up washing the windows and hosing down the sidewalks, but instead of rerouting the system, I’m just digging up the dead spots in the yard and replacing them with mulch. My neighbor up the street is contemplating just spray painting the bare spots green.

This drought is really something — it’s making a lot of people lose their religion about having a lush green landscape, which is totally anathema to the Florida ecosystem anyway. The horticultural gods are stepping in and saying, “Knock it off already!” But you know what? In another month we’ll start having daily afternoon monsoons and the hydration fat-cats will have forgotten the whole drought. Bah! they’ll say, There’s no such thing as global warming!

This morning, after my rock-n-roll night of sleep, I got up early to walk the dogs then sat down with a cup of coffee out in back to do some reading. Within 10 minutes, the first wisps of smoke from a brush fire started to creep into our yard. In another 10 minutes it was too smoky to stay out there. Oh, for want of a good rain storm! I can’t even remember the last time it rained….

No, actually, yes I can! It was Easter and we had just drawn a great giant Easter bunny on the driveway with chalk. We got thinking about this and the last time it had rained before then was when we had drawn another cool picture! Our theory has thus become that we can make it rain if we create something fun with chalk. If it weren’t so smoky outside I’d go out and try again just to prove a theory….


I’ve always lived in areas saturated with water so it’s hard to imagine such a lack as we’ve experienced here in FL over the past 3 years. The shortage of rain along with the giant crack in the retaining system that stores water for Tampa means that we are almost out of water, yet Tennessee is flooded. We wondered yesterday: if they can ship oil out of Alaska via pipeline, why can’t they divert water from flooded areas to the parched spots? 

As I listened to the sprinklers spit out their pathetic mist, I was wracked with guilt. Do we squander the precious water to keep our lawn alive or do we pay thousands of dollars later to re-sod the whole thing. Bottom line is always about the money and the trouble. Some of us will do the responsible thing and water when we’re told to, yet 75% of our neighborhood will continue to do it at 2 in the afternoon with the wind carrying most of it off into the road and down the sewers. 

If I didn’t think R.E.M. would be there to keep me up, I’d go right back to bed and bury my head under a pillow….

  1. May 7, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    It won’t stop raining here for more than 4 or 5 hours. I’m going to blow really hard and send these rain clouds your way.

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