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Pinched Nerve

lie1A Facebook friend of mine is a chiropractor and the other day she announced that she can “bring a man to his knees” by squeezing a certain spot on his neck, just like Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that but never knew where the spot was. Oh, the things I could do with that ability!

The problem with a cyber-chiropractor is that it’s a little impractical. Where’s Dr. Squeeze when I need her? I have a pinched nerve in my neck again that keeps me from turning my head much. I carry a little hand mirror with me when I drive so I can check for side-coming traffic at intersections. Time will take care of this but I wish I had my own little back-cracker to snap me out of my misery sooner.

Speaking of nerves, do you know how many definitions there are for the word “nerve”? I lost count when I looked it up. The one that’s bugging me right now is the physical kind. But more often than not I am left partially paralyzed by the mental kind. My NERVE gets pinched, the one that makes me lose my “steadiness, courage, and sense of purpose when facing a demanding situation”. 

I stood sweating in the evening heat last night talking to a neighbor. We were trading our ideas for inventions — simple, seemingly obvious ideas that are usually created by someone else because most of us only talk about it. It’s fun for party chat, but then the next week you see another attendee driving a brand new BMW and the very idea you were talking about being hawked on QVC! 

Why do so many of us balk at taking advantage of our ideas? Is it because we’re afraid? Do we not know how to proceed? Or are we just terrified of following through? 

For me, all of the above. I’d probably be rich and famous right now if I had a little dude with a pen and pad following me around, jotting down my thoughts, and then setting them in motion. This is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. The former know how to persevere in a linear fashion and the latter just dream. 

I see a lot of people with “pinched nerves” every day, probably more than a chiropractor does. They go off to work, do jobs they hate, end up resenting their lives just because they can’t harness a dream. They need the services of a “motivational chiropractor” to get the blood flowing again. 

I’m going to run this by Dr. Squeeze. I think she’d make the perfect person to pioneer this idea. (But I’ll make sure I set up a system to receive a percentage for coming up with the idea…. yeah right, dream on….)

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