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Farrah, Michael, & Ed walk into a bar….

sure1That’s Johnny Carson taking advantage of the strange circumstance that has the world shaking its collective head in baffled wonder this morning. You never would have seen this punchline coming…

farrah_fawcett_011Yesterday, Farrah Fawcett finally gave up in her long battle with anal cancer. She documented her journey on video and shared it with the world so we could be a part of what she went through as she tried all sorts of experimental  therapies that ultimately only bought her more time to try other therapies. She was 62.

michael-jacksonAs was typical of his bigger than life persona, Michael Jackson upstaged Farrah by collapsing from a heart attack yesterday afternoon, just after the news about Farrah had been released. Theories abound about why he died, but in the end, his chaotic life finally got the best of him. He was 50.

McMahonAnd then there was Ed McMahon last week. Johnny Carson’s sidekick for 30 years on the tonight show, they called him “the king of second bananas”. Famous for his laugh and his willingness to be “that other guy”, Ed was a man of great character and humility. Bone cancer and finally pneumonia silenced his booming voice at 86.

So you have to wonder about the scene up there at the Pearly Gates. Each icon held a different stature in our entertainment culture, providing some weird sense of connection to a bigger world. They stood before us, willing to bare all. Tremendous personal sacrifices for a public starving for a taste of greatness.

I have a vision of Ed sitting in a chair with Farrah on one knee and Michael on the other. This is just the sort of sense of humor I imagine God to have. Or maybe Michael is teaching Ed to moonwalk, with Farrah cheering as she swings her lusty mane around. Ed is guffawing, Michael is doing that little high-pitched “Ooooo!”, and Farrah is bouncing, every square inch of her. Well, maybe not square inch….

I feel no connection to these people other than that they were a part of my awareness growing up. I never idolized any of them, never had any undue fascination, and today am not even aware of their absence no matter how the media tries to make me otherwise.

They are simply people who lived, who tried and succeeded, tried and failed, and pretty much lived their existence like anyone else. They were no more nor less human than any of the rest of us, so I will simply acknowledge their passing and appreciate their contributions.

Rest in peace, gang. It’s gotta be a lot more relaxing wherever you are now….

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  1. June 27, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    Nice! I too plan to do a little piece on this myself. Whether I do or not is another thing. It won’t be tonight since I’m enjoying a “life goes on” cocktail courtesy of my favorite mixologist, Rick.

  2. Ted E. Kinson
    August 3, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    A fitting tribute, but let us not forget the passing of the forth personality that week, Billy Mays. The loud mouthed television infomercial sales guru with the quick witted snappy sales pitches that we all change channels to as quickly as we can find that darn remote that’s disappeared again, is gone from us forever, but still on the television to sell us useless stuff, much like the one month use only vacuum cleaners you once spoke to us about. Billy was the butt of most of my jokes as I was waking my patients up at 04:00 am for their blood testing phlebotomy collections. I would often ask them, “How many Billy Mays commercials have you been subjected to during your stay here at the hospital?” It was usually worth a brief chuckle, and a great opener for something as morbid as daily blood work is concerned. Now all we have left for loud sales pitchmen are that other guy, Vince Whats-his-name and the Australian accented dude who sells the useless potato pealing plastic gadget with lifetime guarantee blades. I need new material now that Billy is gone. Yes Ellen, I have no life. Take Care, Ted

  3. August 3, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    You’re right, Ted! I always say that Billy Mays is (was) the reason I know where the mute button is on my remote! Alas, such are the people who give us something to talk about….

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