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lie1Ever wake up laughing?

I don’t usually but I did today. It wasn’t because of a dream — in fact, my dream was actually creepy and shameful — but I woke up feeling positively NUTTY!

People have been telling me lately that I’m funny. I find this funny because I’m not the funny one in my family. Actually, I kind of fear being thought of as funny because the people in my family who ARE funny are the nutty ones — certifiably nutty. Like, mental hospital nutty.

So when I say I fear that title I’m not kidding. I start having visions of a wardrobe comprised solely of strait-jackets.

Dad20I’ve heard that my real mother was funny. Vivacious, life of the party, entertaining. But she spent a good deal of her adult life in a sanitarium trying to decide which was real and which was Memorex. I’ve heard that she had some interesting conversations with people inside the television, used lipstick to draw roadmaps on her face, and even left my father at some point to marry a man she thought was Jesus Christ. She was very, very funny…  and very, very nutty.

It wasn’t until my younger sister started showing signs of this same “sense of humor” that I started to worry. Up until then, it looked like our mother had died taking the curse with her, but it came back. Thanks to modern medications, that little peccadillo is kept at bay, but always, the rest of us are on the lookout.

So when I wake up laughing and having what can only be described as a “Manic Tuesday”, I get a little anxious. I’m funny as hell, could probably do a little Fred Astaire up on the rooftop, challenge a greyhound to a race, but it’s hard to enjoy this fun fluctuation in hormones because:


MothersVoiceI don’t remember my mother. She died when I was less than three. My sister was only 11 months old. Somewhere along the way I acquired a reel-to-reel tape that was purported to have her voice on it and I have carried it with me for years, wondering what’s on it. Because of the old technology, I’m not sure I would even be able to listen to it but I still carry it with me. What if she sounds crazy? What if she sounds like ME?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a little funny. Well, let’s just say I have an over-developed sense of irony, a sixth-sense for satire. I just find the world absurd most of the time and am always looking for a way to make fun of it. My steady diet of ill-gotten candy and MAD magazines as a kid made me wonder if there really was such a thing as a REAL world….

Maybe I am as nutty as my mother was. Maybe she was just ahead of her time and the real world wasn’t ready for her yet. After all, who’d ever heard of funny women in the 50s and 60s? And a minister’s wife, to boot! That’s enough irony to do a whole stand-up show…

IMG_8669There’s a little pool dedicated to her memory out behind our church in Michigan. Once it had some lights and a fountain in it and was neat looking. I saw it again a couple weeks ago and it was murky and full of rocks on the bottom.

I chuckled.

If I were a little kid, what better way to honor someone that nobody remembers than throw rocks in their pool and watch the ripples…

But if I’d been there to see them do it, you can bet I would have made up a story about how anybody who got splashed with the water would end up in the CRAZY HOUSE!!!!

I think that’s what my mother would’ve done… And that would have been funny….

  1. tina
    October 17, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    I’m sorry and cracking up that I told you I like your sense of humor yesterday.:) I’m wondering what it saus about me now. Hee hee hee

  2. October 19, 2012 at 11:29 am

    your mother sounds like someone i would’ve enjoyed hanging out with. i love the pic. her expression is very telling. she seems to have definitely been ahead of her time.

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