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We Ought To Be Committed!

It only takes a short week away from my usual surroundings for me to find my groove again. Do the walls of your life ever close in like they do in mine? Time to change that mindset….

Damn, it’s a new DECADE!

We made it through the first 10 years of the millenium much to the surprise of the survivalists of the Y2K era and it hasn’t been until almost the end of this year that we experienced another attempt at terrorism on our own soil with the unsuccessful effort of the dude from Nigeria trying to burn himself up on a plane on Christmas. Personally, I think when he found out his destination was Detroit, he freaked. Can’t blame him these days. Everyone else seems to be leaving the Motor City in droves…

Once we calm down from this hysteria that whips us up from time to time, we Americans are pretty resilient. We like to piss and moan about the hand life deals us sometimes, but that’s usually just the first step in reinventing ourselves. We don’t like to let go of the old, even when the new holds so much more promise. But like it or not, death and rebirth are the order of our world and much of the time the latter would not be possible without the former.

My decade has been all about my own “death and rebirth”. I set up my own “death panel” to evaluate which part of my life needed to die in order that a new part might be born. I like to think of myself as a “re-birther” rather than “born again”. Having paddled around in the proverbial primordial ooze for the first part of my life I finally just let go and allowed myself to be flung into space, shot out of the warm safety of the womb, naked and slimy and crying.

But regardless of the thrill of detachment, the desire for the coziness of the womb takes over again. It’s time for me to be re-birthed, to abandon my sense of personal security and jump out into the unknown. If I learned anything from doing that the first time it’s that the birth need not be dramatic or messy. It doesn’t require a change of place but rather, a change of s-p-a-c-e, the kind that fills the area between my ears.

But even subtle change requires The “C” Word — COMMITMENT. To me, commitment implies a loss of liberty. Yet with too much liberty, I crave commitment. Somewhere in the middle is fulfillment — and by the time I get to that place I probably will be dead!

So, I begin this decade with the appreciation of my considerable liberties but with a renewed sense that with this freedom comes a responsibility to commitment. Perhaps all of us could use that reminder as we peek out into this strange new world that is being born of a decade of chaos.

We ought to be committed to the change we know is necessary and those of us who have watched from the safety of our liberty need to step forward and put our pissing and moaning to the test. Our strength as Americans need not be measured by our desire to bear arms but instead by our willingness to offer our own strong arms to be counted and used in this rebirth.

Forceps, please — Oh, and Biceps too!

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