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FRITZI !!!!!

Greetings, adoring fans…. Fritzi here.

I’m taking over the blog for now — I put Trixie to bed. She’d gotten bored and unproductive, as all 3-year-olds do. I just jammed a pacifier into that squawking little pie hole and the night is mine!

So, you say you don’t know who I am? Well, you will, darling… I’m going to be famous, just you wait! It’s all about timing and making an entrance…

Fritzi doesn’t care much about the “meaningful” things of life. She’s a hedonist, through and through… Life is to be enjoyed and Fritzi doesn’t miss a chance to take part in all things pleasurable.

So, from time to time I’ll be here to tell you about the frivolous side of life, but only after Trixie’s gone off to Snooze-ville… We don’t want to corrupt the kiddies!

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