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How Shall I Say It?

I guess I just will.

I’m sorry….

I have a wicked mouth sometimes. Oh heck, if I talked all day most of what would come out of it would probably have an edge of nastiness. I can be a wise-guy. Too many years of exposure to sardonic humor I suppose.

So I get in trouble sometimes though I don’t really mean to. I at least try to acknowledge when I know I’ve gone too far.

It’s that time of year again when we draw our swords and challenge each other to fights over how to best wish each other the blessings of the season. I’m not particularly concerned about the words we use because the meaning is in my heart. That’s not necessarily true for others.

This is a time of reckoning for all of us, when we size up the results of the year, trying to measure our victories against the losses we must now carve into our souls. For many of us it can be a painful time, masked by a collective mandate to pursue happiness; the most desperate part of us tries to make up for what we’ve lost by chasing after superfluous material gains.

It is no wonder then that this is when we gather to experience our most precious observances of spirit. All that we carry throughout the year, the burdens and the joys, we lay at this place where hope rises anew.

But must we name it? Must we try to articulate what that place is for each of us? Does my way of acknowledging it need to offend yours because it is different?

I do my best to honor this place in others but sometimes I miss, either because I am momentarily too crass to be sensitive or because I simply don’t know what that place is for them.

In deference to those I may have offhandedly offended, I lay down the burden of my transgressions in hope that self-forgiveness will be gift enough to the spirit of a new year of change and growth. It’s all I have to offer….

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